Stuart Graeme Winship

Obituary: in memory of Stuart Graeme Winship

Stuart was a friend and mentor to David and Liam and they are both extremely grateful for all his support and advice in the early years of their business. Stuart worked with them both in his role as Finance Director for Radcliffe Cardiology and he played a vital role in helping David and Liam with the initial business plans for Radcliffe Group Ltd. As with any self-funded, organically grown, start-up, these are some of the most enjoyable, but also some of the most challenging periods of a company’s journey. Without Stuart’s guidance we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Stuart sadly passed away in June 2016 but is survived by his wife Sophie and two daughters, Annabel and Charlotte. Stuart was an incredibly talented Chartered Accountant and Finance Director. A talented man; he was one of the youngest people to be made partner in Arthur Andersen and had the highest score in the UK for the accountancy exams two years in a row!

David and Liam miss Stuart a great deal. We feel honoured to have had the chance to work with someone of his calibre and are grateful to received his mentorship and friendship as well. Stuart had a wicked sense of humour combined with a sensible and emotionally intelligent way of dealing with any situation. A kind, and caring man who will always be remembered.

David Ramsey & Liam O’Neill
Founders of Radcliffe Group
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