Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us. This policy explains how we collect, handle, share, disclose or otherwise process the personal information we hold about you, if you apply for a position within the Radcliffe Group. You have the option to control how we use your data and how you can access the information we hold on you.

About us

We provide access to multimedia content for healthcare professionals through our web, desktop and mobile products to help keep healthcare professionals abreast of the latest developments in cardiovascular medicine.

This privacy policy refers to Radcliffe Group (together “we”, “us” or “Radcliffe”) which includes Radcliffe Group Ltd and all its licensed affiliates (including Radcliffe Cardiology, Radcliffe Vascular and Radcliffe Medical Education) and describes the how we process candidate data during our recruitment process.

What information do we collect if you apply for a role at Radcliffe?

If you apply for a job to work at Radcliffe, we will collect the usual recruitment information from you, such as your name, contact information, your CV, and if you proceed through the recruitment stages we may also ask you for references and other vetting information (where applicable). We will process this information for as long as you are being considered a candidate for a position.

We may also ask you to provide equal opportunities information. This is optional (if you don’t provide it, it won’t affect your application) and will not be available to anyone outside the recruitment team in a way that can identify you. Any information you do provide will be processed in anonymous form to produce and monitor equal opportunities statistics.

If you are successful and we make you a conditional job offer, we may ask you for a range of other personal information, which will be used for pre-employment checks, such as:

• Proof of your identity and right to work

• Proof of qualifications

• Where relevant, we may ask you to provide criminal record check information

• Details of any references if that has not already been supplied


If we make you a final offer, we will also require:

• Your bank details for salary payments

• Emergency contact details

How do we use the information you provide?

Any information you provide during the recruitment process will only be used for assessing your application and considering you for the position.

How we share the information you provide

Generally, any recruitment information will be processed by our recruitment team and the recruiting manager (of the role you’ve applied for), for the purposes of assessing you for the role and where applicable to facilitate an interview for the position.

We will not share your information with any third-party or anyone outside of our business, unless we are required to do so, by law.

How we store your information

Any information you submit to us as part of your application for a position at Radcliffe will be collected via our email service provider and stored in or our office 365 folders.


We will only keep data for as long as it is lawful for us to do so.

Typically, we will keep your application information for as long as we’re considering you for a position, then:

• If your application is successful, the information you have provided during the recruitment process will become part of your employee records and you will be provided with a separate privacy policy, which sets out how we use your data as an employee.

• If your application is unsuccessful, we will keep your information for up to 6 months after the recruitment process has ended for you. After this point we will delete your information unless we have asked, and you have given, your consent to keep your information longer (e.g. for a future vacancy).

​​​​​​​Your rights

Under current data protection legislation in the UK, you have rights as an individual which you can exercise in relation to the data we store and process about you. You can find more information about your rights on the Information Commissioner’s website:

If you would like to exercise your rights, or if you have any questions, please use the following contact details:

Access to your data (a so-called Data Subject Access Request)

You have the right to ask us about what data we hold about you, how we process it and to ask us to provide you with a copy of the information, free of charge and within one calendar month of your request.

To make a request for any personal information we hold and process about you, we would prefer it if you could put it in writing or in an email to the address above. We will need to verify your identity before providing the information and where necessary may contact you further to ensure we understand what data you are requesting.

Keeping your data up to date

If during the recruitment process, any of your data that we process, changes, it is important for us to keep it up to date. We may from time to time ask you to verify your contact details but if you wish to update any information we hold about you, please contact us with your updated details.

Erasure of your data (the “right to be forgotten”)

Under some circumstances you may request us to delete your data from our systems. Where this is possible (e.g. we don’t have any legal purpose for continuing to process your data) we will erase it from our systems. If it’s not possible for us to delete your data, we will explain the reasons why.

Restricting the processing of your information

You have the right to ask us not to process your data in particular ways. As we will only be processing your data for the purposes of processing your application and considering your application for a role, it is unlikely you will need to exercise this right.


Your right to portability allows you to request a machine-readable format of the data you supplied to us and associated service logs (where we store them). Due to the way we process your information, it is likely that this will be the information you have sent us and so will be provided in electronic format.

How to withdraw consent and object to processing

Where we are processing your data and needed to ask your permission to do so, you are able to withdraw your consent at any time.

You should also contact us, if you wish to raise concerns about the way we are processing your data or would like to raise an objection to the processing.

Automated decision making and profiling

We will not use any automated means to decide if you are appropriate for the role for which you have applied.

Whilst we may collect information about you from other sources (e.g. if we require a criminal records check or if we speak to your referees), we will not collect data from any other sources for profiling purposes.


If you feel this privacy notice does not go far enough in explaining how we have used your personal data, we are happy to provide any additional information or explanation needed. Any requests for this should be sent to

If you want to make a complaint about the way we have processed your personal information, we’d rather you brought it to us in the first instance, but of course you can 5 contact the Information Commissioner’s Office in their capacity as the statutory body that oversees data protection law in the UK –

More information

For more information about your data rights and privacy or data protection in general visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website:


We may change or update elements of this privacy policy from time to time or as required by law. The most current version of our recruitment privacy policy is available from our recruitment team.