A specialist provider of Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic (CVRM) content, The Radcliffe Group offers physicians access to content through a variety of media formats stemming from industry-leading peer-reviewed research journals, video interviews, live events and online medical courses.

We continually seek to improve experiences for our learners. As innovators in digital learning, we are passionate about eLearning and are a leading educational platform for medical professionals around the world.

The Radcliffe Story

Founded in 1987 in Oxford, UK as Radcliffe Medical Press and later becoming Radcliffe Publishing Ltd in 2004, the Radcliffe brand has a rooted history and reputation for world-class publishing for GPs for over thirty years.

Radcliffe Publishing Ltd was acquired by Electric Word PLC in 2010 and was rebranded as Radcliffe Health in 2012 to expand further into healthcare publishing. It subsequently acquired the cardiovascular journal portfolio from Touch Group PLC in 2013, it rebranded and Radcliffe Cardiology was born.

Established in 2013, we have been providing market leading content to cardiovascular health care professionals ever since. Our reputation in publishing hasn’t changed since 1987 and we still focus on publishing expert research content in our five market leading journals but we have developed in line with technology and now also have a strong reputation in digital publishing, producing extensive digital learning materials in addition to our journal content.

Dedicated to continually pushing boundaries in education, we have also launched brand extensions into continuing medical education (CME) and into the area of Peripheral and Vascular Disease. The Radcliffe group was created in 2017 to bring together the brands: Radcliffe Cardiology, Radcliffe Vascular and Radcliffe CME.

A Note from the founders

When we set up Radcliffe Group Ltd back in December 2013, our aim was (and still is) about delivering value to our end users and customers. Liam and I had both worked for big publishers and agencies in the past, where we touched the surface but never dug deep enough to provide real value to the community in the segments we were delivering to.

So rather than work in many segments we decided to pick one area (cardiology) that we could dedicate ourselves to, in order that we could really get under the skin and get to know each and every one possible in that field to enable us to produce truly focused, high quality and valuable content.

In the area of cardiovascular disease, we feel we have started to build real value for healthcare professionals, by giving them a variety of content types in a number of formats; which enable them to make better decisions and assist them in learning more about their specific area of interest in cardiology and cardiovascular disease in general.

It is an exciting time for us here at The Radcliffe Group, as we are now starting to grow into other areas of Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic (CVRM) disease. Yet still our strategy remains the same: to deliver value as best we can to all parts of that segment.

David Ramsey, CEO and Liam O’Neill COO.

What are people saying?

The team do a great job and the editorial team at Radcliffe are the best I have worked with!

Dr Neil Srinivasan, The Barts Heart Centre, UK

Radcliffe Group represents a way to access new information in cardiology

Donatella Brisinola, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome

You are very professional

Emo Remsey-Semmelweis

The website is clear and simple to use.

Dr Giovanna Di Giannuario

Radcliffe consistently deliver quality, salient content, working with the top key experts and then showcase this content in the most innovative formats which drives excellent engagement with Cardiologists globally.

Duncan Porter, Head of Marketing iGT Devices, Philips Volcano


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